Planet Granite – Sunnyvale


So, we’ll start off with one of my home base gyms: Planet Granite Sunnyvale. I go to this location at least once a week to get my climb on. (Love climbing, by the way!)

It is one of the three Planet Granites in the Bay Area and the one of the major climbing gyms in the South Bay.

**IF YOU ARE NOT A CLIMBER, SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH** The routes don’t change much here…I’d say every week, maybe a 1/5th of the walls get changed, which is not enough for the avid climber. I top-rope and boulder here, but there are lead climbs, as well. I want to say the Hueco ratings are kind of all over the place, but I don’t mind. I just like to climb V Fun and Interesting routes. 🙂 The only thing that bugs me about this location is that they decided to do monochrome routes, where there are no tapes, just same coloured holds. Sometimes, I get confused if something is a dirty white vs. black hold, dirty pink vs. faded orange/red hold, etc. I have perfect colour vision, so I can only imagine how hard it is for colour deficient people.


For those who want to just ogle at the climbers and do other workouts at the gym, PG SV offers Crossfit, Cycling, Yoga, and a variety of other climbing classes. If you don’t like to work out in groups, there are the usual gym suspects, like the treadmill, elliptical, weight machines, as well as free weights.

Parking: You’ll always find parking in the big lot, but it might be a bit aways from the gym door. Be prepared to walk.

Waiver: You can sign your life away before you get to the gym here. The front desk can get pretty swamped helping out the gym patrons so doing this might cut your time checking in.

Amenities: Sauna!! ❤ Showers! Towels! Changing rooms! Lockers and cubbies! (I don’t know why I got so excited talking about all the amenities…) For the women, I have seen blow dryers and other tools after showering. Not sure what the men have, though…

Children: No childcare, but you can stick your kids into one of their after school programs and they can learn to monkey correctly with helmets on.

Classes: The climbing classes cost money, but the regular yoga and cycling classes do not. I really enjoy Zeus’ Total Body Fitness, and the yoga classes have a good ratio of men to women.

Members: Most are pretty friendly. Expect to meet someone new every time you climb. Just smile and say hello! I think the people here make up the feel of the gym. It can get quite crowded on weeknights and weekends. Sometimes, I have to wait for a wall or route to open, and that can be annoying.

Staff: Friendly and pretty chill staff. They could definitely add maybe one or two more people during weeknights.

Price: *ugggghhhhh* It’s expensive. A day pass will cost $24, although if you come before 1pm on the weekdays, it is $18. These passes do not cost rentals, which you will need to climb. The good thing is that the day pass covers any classes you might want to take that day. If you get the membership, you can climb at the other gyms as a courtesy, which is nice. The membership is $85/month. Sometimes, you can get lucky and see a Groupon being offered. However, this is only valid for new members, and recently, the fine print of the Groupon says the Sunnyvale location is excluded.

FINAL RATING: 4-/+ stars (It depends how crowded the gym is and how antisocial I am feeling that day.)


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