Barre3 – Los Altos

So this location popped up in the middle of 2015, so everything is super brand new. It’s not really a gym, more like a huge studio space with a front desk.

This was my first introduction to barre. I must say, it was interesting and surprised! I woke up the next day after my class actually pretty sore. The workout is kind of like…ballet dance with calisthenics and small weights? I’m not really sure how to describe it. You have a stretchy band that helps with core exercises, a bouncy ball that I can’t really get to stay where I want it to be, and light weights (up to 4lb, I think) to give you that extra burn. Each class is an hour long, which the teachers use that time optimally for a work out. Not too long, not too short! You can also reserve your classes online, which I absolutely love.

On their website, they say that a couple who now live in Oregon, decided to start this company, due to their frustrations with the corporate fitness industry. That’s really funny to me since Barre3 is HUGE with 91 locations, some outside of the US as well. Each location, I believe, is a franchise, so if you’re interested in opening up your own, you can contact them about it.

You can also subscribe to the Barre3 online program created by the founders, where you can get meal plans and extra workouts that you can follow in the comfort of your own home. It’s a good deal, if you don’t have the time to go to the gym. (Especially since the gym can be so expensive these days!)

There are two other locations that opened up recently in Northern California (San Mateo and San Jose), totaling 10 locations in all of California.


Parking: Whole Foods next door has agreed to let gym guests park in their underground lot, and they have parking in the weird apartment complex behind them.

Waiver: Standard info for an emergency contact, but you’re not signing your life away.

Amenities: Two bathrooms that are spotless! No showers, though. They’ve got cubbies and lockers you can put your things in. (What’s cool is that they have a water fountain that is a water dispenser for your reusable bottle. Not all small gyms have that.)

Children: Childcare is provided for the 9 and 10:15am weekday classes, for $6 per child. There is a limit for 6 children in each class.

Classes: Each class is an hour long. The owner, Gillian, also teaches some class. I took classes from 4 different teachers who were all great and had their own style. Personally, I think I like Natali Arteaga’s style the best.

Members: Heavily female-oriented. I think I saw one guy out of all 4 different classes I went to. I guess this is normal, since the base of barre classes originate from dance and ballet. If you think about it, most women feel intimidated coming into a regular gym, so this is nice for the more shy female folk. But, please, if you’re a guy, don’t get intimidated! Everyone is very friendly and nonjudgmental so you don’t have to worry. It also seems that the teachers remember your name and face when you come in more than once, so it’s got an intimate feel.

Staff: Usually, there’s only about 2 or 3 people working – one teacher, one or two front desk staff. All are friendly.

Price: Holy cow! It’s $180/mo for members, or $26 for a drop in class. HOWEVER, you can check out their online schedule for free classes that are offered by their teachers in training. They also have a new member special, and Groupon was selling a special earlier this month. (Things are getting too expensive in the Bay Area for me…time to move…I miss old days of Mountain View… 😥 )

FINAL RATING: 3 stars – It’s not for me, I probably won’t be back. But don’t let that deter you! This gym environment is very welcoming to all sorts of people. It’s nice if you are on the larger side, and want something low impact but still want a good burn.


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