Shout Out To Kuli Kuli

A little different from my usual gym post…

So last year, Kuli Kuli decided to revamp their website and brochures by adding real people to their adverts. I was lucky enough to be chosen to work with them. It was such a fun day hanging out with such amazing talent. Fast forward a few months, Ă©t, voilĂ ! Now, my face is plastered on their website, with all the pores for people to stare at!

During the shoot, I got to meet Lisa, who is the founder of the brand. She is a Peace Corps volunteer who learned of the amazing moringa plant and its kale-like properties. It’s great for vegans who need that extra boost of protein, and great for those with stomach issues (it’s gluten-free). I have yet to try their energy shots, but my favourite bar would be their dark chocolate flavour. I was also able to sample their teas, and they were so yummy!

Shout outs, especially to:

Jordan and Cimarossa Winery

Anne Tsuei, Creative Design Chief/Director

Liz Chang, Shoot Art Director (who is also hair and makeup artist)

Mark Toung, Photographer

Inna Matthews, Hair and Makeup

Katelyn Johnson, Wardrobe

I also have to give major props to the entire background team, though, who helped with photographing new bar and energy shot photos. I didn’t know how much work went into revamping a product, let alone starting from scratch!



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